30 Sources of Unclaimed Property


On average, people in North America move every 5 years. We provide our address to our bank, our insurance company, our schools, our doctors and dentists, stores where we shop, and even restaurants or other places of entertainment that offer us prizes to encourage our use of their services. With so many places to inform about address changes, is it any wonder that we and our money get separated?

Here’s where some of the $40 billion in unclaimed funds originates.

Moving often produces unclaimed funds

Moving often produces unclaimed funds

  1. Dormant savings and checking accounts and other bank instruments such as certificates of deposit
  2. Abandoned safe deposit boxes
  3. Uncashed money orders, cashier’s checks, and traveler’s checks
  4. Uncashed checks
  5. Unused gift certificates
  6. Undelivered oil and gas royalty payments
  7. Undelivered dividends and bond interest
  8. Lost stock certificates
  9. Lost savings bonds
  10. Unclaimed security deposits for housing and cars
  11. Unclaimed utility deposits
  12. Abandoned customer deposits for layaway items, overpayments, credit balances, and refunds
  13. Unclaimed court deposits
  14. Undelivered bankruptcy court settlements
  15. Insurance overpayments
  16. Probate court judgments
  17. Property overlooked during the probate of an estate
  18. Undelivered life insurance premium rebates
  19. Uncashed death benefits and life insurance proceeds
  20. Unpaid health and accident insurance payments
  21. HUD/FHA refunds
  22. Unclaimed escrow deposits
  23. Undelivered trust funds
  24. Unclaimed tax rebates
  25. Unclaimed settlements from class action suits
  26. Undeliverable income tax refunds
  27. Unclaimed pensions
  28. Undelivered demutualization proceeds
  29. Amounts due for undelivered goods or services
  30. Unpaid commissions and royalties


And that’s just some of the possibilities in case you were wondering.


One thought on “30 Sources of Unclaimed Property

  1. Migdalia Lamboy says:

    Claim property listing for my mother Alejandrina Lamboy shows 2 things.

    1. Amounts due for undelivered goods/services

    2. Refunds due by insurance companies.

    My pnone # 973-570-6582

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