Elevator Speech

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Going up anyone?

Charity Windfall Canada uses unclaimed property as a new funding source for non-profits.

If you are an individual, you can  raise money for your favorite cause without having a yard sale, entering a golf tournament, or buttonholing people and asking them to attend an expensive gala or dinner. You won’t have to get sponsors for a walka- or any other kind of thon. You won’t have to sit on a committee. You won’t have to listen to a speech.

On the other hand, you will have to inform people of their good fortune and then deal with their amazement and thanks. You may have to convince them to  fill out a simple one page form to pick up their money. And you ought to suggest that they reap the emotional rewards as well as the material ones by sharing their unexpected wealth with a non-profit.

You can be a philanthropist, directing money to organizations and people who are doing good in the world. You can have a major impact by funneling money into worthy projects. And you can start today.

My name is Rochelle Treister. Won’t you please join me in raising the fortunes of both donors and non-profits in spite of the economy and tightened budgets?

Here’s all you have to do. Simply find someone whose name is listed on this site or one of the other unclaimed property databases and then offer to let them know about their claim on condition that they commit to donating 10% of their windfall to a charity of their choice, after they receive their own windfall. It’s easy! They will get 90% of the unexpected money and a tax receipt for the remaining 10%. You will get to feel like a philanthropist. And the charity will get an unanticipated donation!

Welcome to this exciting enterprise!


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